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just in case i kill my computer, and my flash drive gets stuck in between the seat and door of my car... again. also, for people to read.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

a long long time

i realize that it's been awhile.

but any desire i once had to create rhymed couplets, or build pretty metaphors has been temporarily tapped out by more pressing matters.

being the self-obsessed person that i'm afraid all writers must be (in at least some small degree) i still find that i have the need to attempt to say clever things, i'm just doing it in a more family-oriented, less poetic atmosphere.

so until the time comes where i'm scratching the itch left behind by that nasty little poetry bug, you can find me here. please come say hello.


Carolyn said...

I had that same dream last night!!

I like worlds where i sound really tiny and small...oh and also where i own ponies :)

for reals though i'm such a retard, or i just have fat fingers (or both) I read your dream/ nightmare (?) from my phone about your and I pushed publish but It never showed up...so I must have hit reject on accident. I think that makes me a reject??

Katie said...

I'm still here for you :)